Removing Password From Rar Files Without Any Software.

Rar files are merged version of many large files into a single small file. It is easy to transmit, so on internet , you will find most of the file into rar or zip format. It also reduce size of files, so it saves space, data and time. And you can also set password to stop unauthorized access to your important file. But if you want to open some password protected file, then use this method to unlock rar/zip file.

There are so many claimed rar files password removers online but many of them cant do the work.The good news is that

 you can remove  RAR file password online without any software. Though this method is for converting rar file into zip file. But it also unlock rar file when it converts. So this is simple trick, lets see the possibility.

Steps to Remove Rar file password

  • First go to (online zip converter).
  •  Browse your password protected rar file.
  •  click on convert file.
  •  It will first upload this file to its server and then convert into zip format and remove its password.
  • Now you can download this zip file without password.

 You have successfully removed rar file password.

Remove rar File password using Command Prompt

Its very easy to remove password of rar file using notepad, you do not require any extra software. As notepad comes pre installed on all pc. Just follow the steps to recover rar file password.

  • First open your password protected rar file with Notepad.
  • Now search for these keywords in second line. And replace them with the word mentioned below.
    • Replace Ûtà with 5³tà’
    • Replace ’IžC0 with IžC0
  • Now save this file and open it with win rar. Now it will not ask you for password.

Now you can easily open rar file without password or you can also extract it. Its so easy now you can open any password protected rar file for free and without any software.

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