Methods Of Protecting Your Facebook And Whatsapp Account

The online criminals are now on rampage in terms of hacking facebook and whatsapp accounts,when they succeed in hacking your account,they will send fraudulent messages to any group you belong and defraud them in your name.To protect your facebook account do the following

  1. Open facebook and go to settings
  2. Cick on security and login
  3. Click on use two factor authentication
  4. The are two options,authentication app and text message
  5. Click on text message you will be asked to put your phone number
  6. Anytime a hacker wants to gain access to your facebook account,he will be asked to put a code sent to his phone no because he does not have the code, he cannot have access to your account.

For Whatsapp Do The Following

  1. Open your Whatsapp
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on account
  4. Click on two step verification
  5. Put Any 6 digit pin number you can remember

any time a hacker wants to gain access to your account, he wiil asked to put pin number and cant hack your account.

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