Dreamweaver is a popular and well-known web editor or web design software used by both experienced and inexperienced webmasters to design websites. It uses what is known as a “WYSIWYG” interface (where “WYSIWYG” stands for “What You See Is What You Get”), meaning that you can create your website visually and see the results on your computer monitor as you work.

Things You Need

  1. Install Dreamweaver cs6
  2. A testing server eg Xampp server or Wamp server
  3. A webhost for hosting your website.
  4. Click on Xampp server,click on explorer,click on htdocs and create a folder in the name of your site.

After getting all these things ready,you then do the following:

1.Click on dream weaver

2.Go to dreamweaver sites

3.Name your site

4. On the http side,use localhost/the name of your site

5.Click use server technology,select php mysql

6.On the ftp,choose local network

7. On the server folder,choose localhost/the name of your site

8. On the web url choose your site folder you previously created in xampp ok and your site will appear at the right corner of dreamweaver

10.Right click on your site and click on new file,type index.php as the index use the same method to create about us page and others

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