How To Unlock Rar Files With Kali Linux

rar file

Kali linux has many available tools for cracking rar or zip files password John is one of the tools, I will tell you how to use “John” for this purpose as I personally use this tool for the same purpose out of all available tools in Kali linux.

IT IS NOTE WORTHY THATThe time to be consumed for cracking the password depends on the intensity and type of password. A more COMPLEX password will take more time than a simple one. For example, if a file has a password: 12345 and another file has a password: ###123 then the file with the only numerical password will be very easily cracked compared to the other file.

To use john for achieving your aim,you have to do the following:

  1. Getting hashes of the password from the file. Simply write this into your terminal (change the bold letters to the path):
    1. rar2john path_to_your_rar_file path_for_output_file/name.hashes
    2. example: rar2john /root/Desktop/ /root/Desktop/output.hashes
  2. Now, we will use John for cracking this hash file. Here, you have two options :
    1. Use John’s wordlist for cracking
      1. john path_to_the_hash_file_created_in_previous_step
      2. example: john /root/Desktop/output.hashes
    2. Use self-created word-list in John for cracking (you can use crunch or another tool for this purpose or you can use an already available list on Linux by founding their path simply clicking on wordlist app):
      1. john -worldist=path_to_word-list path_to_the_hash_file
      2. example: john -wordlist=/root/Documents/rockyou.txt /root/Desktop/output.hashes
  3. After doing the above steps, you simply have to be patient and wait for the results.
  4. If you get a message like “Loaded 1 password hash (PKZIP [32/64])“, then congratulations your password is cracked but if not then sorry you have to try with a better wordlist and give more time to crack it(if you really want it so bad).
  5. If the password is cracked, you can see the password as:
    1. john path_to_hash_file –show
    2. example: john /root/Desktop/output.hashes

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