A  browser is a software program to present and explore content on the world wide we or internet These pieces of content, including pictures, videos, and web pages, are connected using hyperlinks and classified with URLs (Uniform Resource Identifiers).Mozilla firefox is one of the browser on the net and it is very popular.

Firefox usually save your passwords whenever you are browsing with it In the long run, it can leave you vulnerable to a whole host of attacks. In this post, we show you exactly how to view, change, or totally delete your saved passwords in Firefox.

How to view saved passwords on Firefox

  1. Open Firefox, click Menu and select Preferences.preferences firefoxpreferences firefox
  2. From the left panel, select Privacy & Security.browser privacy firefoxbrowser privacy firefox
  3. Scroll to Logins & Passwords, then click Saved saved logins firefoxclick saved logins firefox
  4. Click Show Passwords.saved logins firefoxsaved logins firefox

All the saved passwords will show and you have to delete the passwords in order keep your information safe.

How to delete saved passwords on Firefox

  1. In Firefox, click the Menu button, then select Preferences.preferences firefoxpreferences firefox
  2. Select Privacy & Security on the left pane.browser privacy firefoxbrowser privacy firefox
  3. Scroll down to Logins and Passwords and select the Saved Logins button.For individual site passwords, select the one you wish to delete and click Remove. To clear everything, click Remove All. Select Close when you’re done.remove accounts firefoxremove accounts firefox

Great! If you’ve come this far you’ve hopefully wiped the slate clean and can now start to build yourself a decent security plan. For a head start, try following these quick tips on storing passwords:

It is adviceable to always check the saved passwords so as to delete them in order not to expose your information to hackers.It is also very necessary to avoid using public network or public cyber cafe, if we adhere to these instructions,we will definitely not be vulnerable to hacking.

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