Things You Must Check Before You Buy A Laptop Or Desktop Computer.

Computers have become useful tool in a contemporary society,Business centers,shopping malls,schools,banks all use computers for daily activities even individuals also use computers at home to carry out tasks.

However,before you think of buying a computer either laptop or desktop you need to consider the following for you to enjoy your computer.

1.What is the brand of the computer you are buying

2.Is the computer 32 bit or 64 bit(64 bit is better)

3.What is hard disk space of the computer

4.What is the RAM size of the pc

5.What is the processor is it intel core processor or AMD processor(Intel is better)

6.What is the processing speed of the pc

7.Is the keyboard working perfectly

8.Is the CD ROM working

If seller gives the answer to these questions you will be able understand the type of pc you are buying.It is still necessary to take a computer engineer along when going to buy.

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