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Antivirus Definition

Softwares that are created specifically to help detect, prevent and remove malware (malicious software).

Antivirus is a kind of software used to prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from a computer. Once installed, most antivirus software runs automatically in the background to provide real-time protection against virus attacks.

Comprehensive virus protection programs help protect your files and hardware from malware such as worms, Trojan horses and spyware, and may also offer additional protection such as customizable firewalls and website blocking.

Antivirus software, or anti-virus software, also known as anti-malware, is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware. Antivirus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, hence the name.

Features of an Effective Antivirus

The following features of any antivirus are to be looked for when you decide on installing one

Proactive scanning for malwares, and deleting once detected

Default-Deny Protection – Default-Deny protection that is implemented to prevent the entry of suspicious files by default.

Auto Sandbox Technology – A virtual environment where suspicious and unknown files are secluded and run to check for any malicious activity  without interfering with the normal operations.

Containment Technology – Validates and authorizes the programs that are executable and ensures that the processes are run without effecting  the regular operations  of the system.

Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS) – This feature works on a protocol-based intrusion prevention system, that oversees all the application and program activities that aare processed in the system. The HIPS terminates any malicious activities once found. This prevents the malware from infecting the operating system, registry keys or personal data or system memory.


AVG Antivirus

You must have heard about it before as it is one of the most popular and widely used antivirus software. Out of all, the best thing is that you can avail its services for free! You don’t have to visit fake links or fill in various forms to get your hands on this fantastic software. Instead, you can download it securely from the internet. It takes minimal space and is capable of working with different windows and operating systems.

Within small time intervals, it keeps scanning computer files. If you want to get rid of a virus or spyware, then install it now. Social networking protection, anti-spam pro, email scanner, anti-rootkit, protective cloud technology are some essential features of AVG Antivirus.

McAfee Antivirus

This differs from AVG Antivirus as you can set a timer for scanning files in McAffee Antivirus. With Wi-Fi protection, network manager, performance and PC optimization, and efficient web protection, McAfee Antivirus is the second most popular antivirus program.

Like AVG Antivirus, the McAfee Antivirus also protects your computer from viruses and spyware. You have to get a subscription if you want to avail the services of McAfee Antivirus.

Norton Antivirus

If you are looking for an incredible antivirus at affordable rates, then Norton Antivirus is your best bet. It is ideal for the protection of personal and financial data. The amazing features of this software include the startup manager, disk doctor, threat protection and the safe web that makes Norton a highly desired antivirus.

This software will scan your computer daily and will delete all the junk files and viruses. It will ask you to pay an annual subscription fee to enjoy its services.


Lavasoft has stolen the spotlight by introducing this incredible antivirus program. This software will protect your personal and financial data from various cyber criminals. Gear up to bid a farewell to all the viruses and spyware that attack your computer by showing ads. If you are facing multiple threats while using the internet, then make sure to install Ad-Aware as it will help you in overcoming the hurdles while surfing. It is powerful enough to trace keystrokes and passwords also. It puts very less pressure on the system and works effectively. It is an absolute blessing for those who are fighting against Trojans.

You can enjoy the different levels of protection, depending upon the amount you will pay for security.


1.What is antivirus going to do to protect a computer? One of the answers would be that it protects computers from phishing attacks. These attacks are comprised of unauthorized attempts by a third person to access a computer’s data to steal or infect it and render it unusable to the owner.

2. Scanning removable devices

An antivirus is capable of quickly scanning any removable device connected to the computer to identify potential threats. With Comodo, for instance, it automatically puts unknown executables in a virtual container. The container allows the program to run for the computer owner to use, but it prevents the program from accessing the computer’s data and other resources.

3. Protection against online threats

With continuous access to the Internet, computer owners have to fight off numerous cyber threats. But a good antivirus can block them from accessing the computer.

4. Firewall protection

What is antivirus good for? It monitors data going in and out of the network system through the Internet, monitors suspicious data, and blocks suspicious data from getting transmitted.

5. Blocking spam sites and ads

Most of the spam ads and viruses infect computers through pop-up ads and other spam sites. These spam attacks aim to steal information from a user’s computer, compromising their privacy, or even causing substantial financial losses.

6. Faster computer

One can look for an antivirus program that can perform its job without slowing a computer down. What is antivirus going to do for the computer’s speed? It deletes unwanted folders and files from the computer, improving its performance speed.

7. Protection from identity theft

Spyware attacks are designed to steal personal information from the computer. These can include banking data, social security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, and other important data. Some sophisticated spyware can even run silently in the background, waiting for the computer user to buy something online and enter their credit card information to pay for it. The spyware records and use it as if it were their own, fostering identity theft. Antivirus blocks spyware from even touching the computer’s data, allowing for secure shopping and online banking.

8. Convenience

It is more convenient to simply run the antivirus than having to waste time trying to locate it, delete it, and restore any data that it has damaged.

With an antivirus like Comodo, whitelisting happens after unknown files get uploaded to the cloud for analysis. Aside from using various techniques, such as DLL injection prevention, API hooking, and other indicators to analyze the file’s behavior, those that do not get a verdict get rent to human researchers for a closer look. This is part of the antivirus program’s guarantee to provide 100% verdict and delete a virus-

Defense against hackers and data thieves


Hackers usually use a malware or virus program to access their victim’s computer. They install malware into the computer without the knowledge of the victim. Hackers do so by sending malicious emails to the victims. Then the hacker can easily hack into their desired files and programs.

After that, they can use the victim’s data as per their will; they can delete or damage it and steal it to demand ransom later on. Antimalware such as Malwarebytes either put an antihacking lock, or they perform regular scans to detect the presence of any hacker or hacking based programs in the computer network. So, antivirus software provides full-proof protection against hackers.

Ensures protection from removable devices


Think of the times you have transferred data to and from your computer by using removable devices such as USBs. Countless, right?

You might have suffered from slowing down your computer or a computer crash after connecting a friend’s USB. Ever wondered why that happened? That is so because the USB or removable device served as a transmission device for a virus. So, should you stop using removable devices because you never know which USB might contain a virus?

No! Just get antivirus software that will scan all the removable devices for any potential viruses to make sure that no virus is transferred.

Protects your data and files


Antivirus software keeps an eye on all the files that enter your system. All those files are put under a scan to check for any peculiarity or maliciousness. Viruses can easily be transmitted to your network via infected files, and these, in turn, can potentially harm your data and files. You may even suffer the complete loss of your precious data at the hands of such viruses.

A solution from Avira software makes sure that your data and files are adequately protected.

Supercharge your PC


Think of two computers side by side.

One is suffering from the consequences of a virus attack, such as slow processing speed and frequent crashes. The other is antivirus protected. Which amongst the both will have a better speed?

The one with antivirus for sure. It is so because that computer has no problems because antivirus has stopped the virus before it can cause any real harm. Some antiviruses may even delete and remove useless files from unknown sources to free up disk space, increasing the speed of the PC.

Firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks


A firewall, in general, monitors incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer network. When coupled with antivirus, firewall protection double checks every file or piece of data that you send or transfer from your computer via the internet to another network.

The same goes for the files and data that you receive from an external network. You can unintentionally open a downright malicious website or email and then fall prey to a phishing attack. A phishing attack occurs when the attackers specifically aim for your login credentials, credit card information, or any other personal information/data. Such an attack can result in substantial financial loss or personal leaks. Two-Way firewall protection from antivirus software such as Avast blocks and removes any such emails or files that can harm you in any such way.

Limit the access of websites to enhance web protection


Accessing unauthorized websites can expose your computer system to several cyber threats, including spyware, hackers, ransomware, etc. These threats can potentially risk your data and files. An antivirus software limits your web access to restrict your activities on unauthorized networks. This is done to make sure that you only access the websites that are safe and harmless for your computer system.

The Best Free Antivirus Software in 2021

  • Avast Free Antivirus.
  • AVG AntiVirus FREE.
  • Avira Antivirus.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free.
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free.
  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus.
  • Sophos Home Free.

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