It is obvious that boosting your typing speed is a skill you should always consider as necessary especially when typing is your routine duty and part of your job description. Thankfully, there are tons of fun and useful ways to elevate your typing speed.

Hints on Improving Your Typing Speed & Accuracy

Knowing the placement of your computer keyboard is fastly becoming a standard skill. Here are some tips to keep you up to speed on your keyboard typing skills.

1.) Do not look down to the keyboard

Instead of looking down to the keboard, focus on your screen. This can be difficult at first, especially if you have not yet mastered the exact placement of the keys. However, looking at the screen will help improve your accuracy because you will be able to catch your typos as they occur. You’ll also begin to memorize the placement of the keys, so you’ll be able to type more quickly as you practice.

2.) Maintain good posture and position.

Sitting in an upright position is going to make it easier to type faster. If you are used to slouching in your chair or working from the couch, try moving to a straight-backed chair or working at your desk.

3.) Place your hand in a comfortable position

The wrong hand placement can make it uncomfortable to type for extended periods of time. The space bar of your keyboard should be centered with your body, so that you are not reading your screen or typing from an angle. As you type, rest your elbows on the table and keep your wrists slightly elevated. You should never bend or angle your wrists dramatically.

4.) Practice constantly

Nothing is mastered overnight, and in order to really improve your typing accuracy and speed, you need to practice every day. There are many websites that offer free typing skills tests and practice, such as Typing academy, Typing club and How to type. It’s important to take your time with these typing exercises and assessments. Attempting to rush through them will only result in more errors at first. Trust that your speed will improve naturally as you become more familiar with the keyboard.

Improving your typing skills will not only make your student life much easier, it will benefit you in your future career as well. It might take a lot of practice to see improvement, but don’t give up. You’ll be typing like a pro in no time!

5.Use online resources.

One of the easiest, free ways to advance your typing speed and precision is to have fun with it. there are some online resources that are all free to use (including games!) Pick the one that matches your current level or style of learning and start practicing!

6. Keep striving to improve yourself.

The worst thing you can do is become complacent. Your typing skill can always get better as long as you’re balancing how fast you type with how correctly you type. Test your speed routinely and set goals for the WPM you want to reach.

Once you’ve reached it, aim higher! Some of the resources above are great for keeping track of this, and nothing is a better motivator than competition. Consider getting some coworkers or friends in on it and see who will reach the farthest.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that typing is like any other skill out there. It requires practice, patience and time. Commit to improving it and you’ll get fantastic results.

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