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Metered connections in Windows 10

Internet connection has become an essential need of today’s world. Nowadays, most of the devices and software require Internet to work at full potential. Microsoft Windows 10 is also one of them, Which uses internet to download latest updates. In windows 10 it is not possible to switch off the updates. It can use the internet data heavily.  If you are on a limited plan having limited data usage then you can face problems. To tackle this situation there is an option to set internet connection as metered to save bandwidth.


A metered connection is an Internet connection that has a data limit associated with it. Cellular data connections are set as metered by default. Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connections can be set to metered but aren’t by default. Some apps might work differently on a metered connection to help reduce your data usage. Also, some updates for Windows won’t be installed automatically.

Note: If your device is running Windows 10 (version 1903 or version 2004) and you turned off the Set as metered connection option for your cellular data connection, your device might reset to metered again when it wakes up from hibernation, or after it shuts down.

To set a Wi-Fi network connection as metered:

  1. Select Start  > Settings  > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi  > Manage known networks.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network > Properties > turn on Set as metered connection.


If you want to limit the data used by your device connected to a PC running Windows® 10, view this info.

Note Notes:

  • A metered connection allows you to control the amount of data used on a connection with a data limit. Cellular devices are metered by default.
  1. From the Windows desktop, navigate: Start  > Settings icon Settings icon (lower-left) > Network & Internet.
    Note Utilize the touchscreen (if available) or mouse to select the on-screen options.
  2. From the left pane, select Wi-Fi.
  3. From the Wi-Fi section, select Manage known networks.
  4. Select the desired wireless network connection.
    Windows manage known networks
  5. Select Properties.
  6. Select the Set as metered connection switch to turn on Windows switch on icon or off Windows switch off icon.
    Windows metered connection

Benefits of Setting a Connection as Metered

Several changes happen in your system when you set connection as metered. It helps you to save storage speed by preventing Windows from eating up all bandwidth in updates.

No Automatic Windows Updates

The option of automatic windows update will disable when you set current connection as metered rather the system will ask your permission before making updates. If you will allow downloads only then the updates will install. Windows 10 works on default settings where updates and other settings done on their own and it’s designed in such way that it requires minimum user intervention to keep it up to dated. But still there is an option to control the updates when you have a limited plan internet connection.

If someone wants to control the bandwidth of the download, then set a connection as metered is an option for which it asks your permission before making an update. The devices which are connected with hotspot and satellite internet type connection must need this option to experience a better and faster connection.

No Automatic App Installation

Windows 10 gives a great option to its users to download and use desktop version of mobile apps. These apps also require continuous updating. You can disable windows store updates with metered option but it will not stop your browser update and you can enjoy the latest features of the browser and desktop programs.

Live Tiles May Not show Updated Information

The settings of Microsoft don’t show live tiles updates when you select metered option. So making a connection metered will help you to avoid irritated updates. Though you can turn off these tiles by other methods.

No Peer to Peer Updates

When you set metered connection, windows 10 machine doesn’t use bandwidth of the internet and prevent the updates to use share internet of common devices. Other connections have to get your permission before making any download.

Different Behavior in Other Apps

In metered connection, the apps which use more bandwidth change their behavior and don’t use excess amount of internet. This behavior is similar for those default apps and those which you download from Windows Store.

When Do You Need Metered Connection?

There are some situations when you need to set your connection as metered. If you are using an internet connection that originated from an integrated mobile data or you are using home based internet connection that has a data caps, then you must set metered connection to limit the connection. Windows 10 detects mobile hotspots which are provided by the mobile data service providers. You should turn on metered connection settings from sharing data from mobile hotspots. Satellite and dial up internet connections are slower in speed as compared to other internet services. Enable the metered connection feature to prevent possible low speed. The downloading and upgrade of Internet Service Provider (ISP) consumes a lot of bandwidth, metered connection is the only solution for this.

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