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Microsoft Windows, commonly referred to as Windows, is a group of several proprietary graphical operating system families, all of which are developed and marketed by Microsoft. Each family caters for a certain sector of the computing industry. 

The Windows operating system (Windows OS) refers to a family of operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation. … Windows has traditionally dominated the personal computer world, running, by some estimates, more than 75 percent of all personal computers.

What are the three features of Windows?

(1) It is multitasking, multi-user and multithreading operating system. (2) It also supports virtual memory management system to allow multiprogramming. (3) Symmetric multiprocessing allows to it to schedule various tasks on any CPU in a multiprocessor system.

What is the purpose of Windows?

Microsoft Windows (also referred to as Windows or Win) is a graphical operating system developed and published by Microsoft. It provides a way to store files, run software, play games, watch videos, and connect to the Internet. Microsoft Windows was first introduced with version 1.0 on November 10, 1983.

What are the functions of Windows?

The key five basic functions of any windows are as following:

  • The interface between the user and the hardware: …
  • Coordinate hardware components: …
  • Provide an environment for software to function: …
  • Provide structure for data management: …
  • Monitor system health and functionality:

What Does Snipping Tool Mean?

The Snipping Tool is a screenshot utility included in Windows Vista and later versions that can take screenshots in a variety of ways. It can take screenshots of rectangular areas specified by the user, a user-defined free-form area and a typical full-screen shot. The shots are called “snips,” and they can be edited using the built-in editor, which provides basic editing, as well as annotated and then saved in any of the common image formats.

The Snipping Tool is a very versatile screen-grabbing tool as it offers the user with various methods for taking screen grabs of various portions of the screen. The typical system screenshot taken using the keyboard’s Print Screen key captures the whole screen, and it is up to the user to edit and isolate the actual areas that he/she needs using an image editing software like Paint or Photoshop. In contrast, the Snipping Tool allows the user to take a screen grab of only certain portions or entire windows, which gives the user more control. The tool saves the snips in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

Types of snipping tools

  • Full-screen — Captures the entire screen
  • Window snip — Selects a window such as the browser window, application window or dialog box
  • Rectangular snip — Selects a portion of the screen by dragging the cursor to create a rectangle
  • Free-form — Draws a free-form shape around an object

How to use the Windows Snipping Tools

Windows 8 and Windows 10

  1. Click start
  2. Type in snipping tool and press Enter.
  3. click the Mode option and choose whether you would like to use Free-form SnipRectangle SnipWindow Snip, or Full-screen Snip.
  4. Click the New option to start a new snipping action.
  5. Press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse to highlight the area on the screen that you want to snip.
  6. Once you have highlighted the snip you want to save, additional options appear on the toolbar. You can choose from Save SnipCopy, or Send Snip. You can also write a custom message on the snip, highlight in the snip, erase the text or highlighting you added, or edit the snip in the Paint program.

Benefits of a Snipping Tool

  • Annotate images. Users can add notes to ensure the message their screenshot needs to convey is as clear as possible. …
  • Image library. …
  • Create GIFs. …
  • Scrolling screenshot. …
  • Image editing. …
  • Record video.

Best Free Snipping Tools For Windows 10, 8 & 7

1. TweakShot Screen Capture

Probably one of the best snipping tools for Windows 10, TweakShot Screen Capture is smart enough to provide so many options within it like capturing a single window, a region or a full screen. Not just that, it also allows you to take scrolling screenshot of the whole page hassle-free alongside video capture.


Additional Features:

  • Along with snipping regions differently, you can edit the cropped image through in-built options.
  • Acts as a powerful color picker tool to select even the tiniest detail of any color on the screen.
  • Various settings like auto-saving the capture, collapsing the window, etc. are present within it.

2. Ashampoo Snap 11

Another effective snipping tool, Ashampoo Snap 10, comes with flexibility and precision for all your snaps. This easy, fast and to-the-point snipping tool for Windows allows image editing where you can add arrows, graphics, numbers and more to turn the image very presentable and user-friendly.

Ashampoo Snap 10

Additional Features:

  • Live editing of videos is very much possible where various graphics can be inserted in between.
  • The snapped image automatically adopts the display settings for favorable results.
  • Final snaps can be saved into cloud space and mailed to your friends with the required optimization.
Ashampoo Snap 10 tool

3. Picpick

Looking for Windows snipping tool for download? Well, consider Pickpick features at a glance! From performing tasks like taking specific screenshots or capture a whole screen, it can also grab screen while scrolling down. Once done, you can definitely add effects including shadows, frames, watermarks, motion, blur, brightness and much more as required. After this, you also have loads of features like a magnifier, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, etc. with this snipping tool for Windows.


Additional Features:

  • Highlight your images with arrows, shapes and other annotating tools.
  • Share these screenshots using email and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Various customizable settings await like modifying a hotkey or renaming a file.

Download Picpick Here! Scrolling screenshot capture are now made easy with additional supportive software that works smooth in Windows. Read and download the…

4. ShareX

Simply, get welcomed by a colorful logo of this Windows screen capture tool! This open source software doesn’t alone take screenshots but also works nicely with videos, edit these files, add effects to them and much more. And all this happens for free! Ain’t that cool?


Additional Features:

  • Loaded with multiple capturing methods like text capture, custom region, auto capture, etc.
  • Opens files in image editor where you can perform multiple actions for enrichment.
  • Also acts as color picker, directory indexer, DNS changer, image combiner and much more.

5. LightShot

Lightshot is another favorite within many users so as to capture windows screen. It gets installed in your PC simply and has a quite easy interface, to begin with. As you press Print Screen on the keyboard, Lightshot begins its work swiftly. Additionally, you can set up a hotkey by yourself to print screen for personal convenience.


Additional Features:

  • Edit all the captures using a dedicated editing tool that opens up within the same screen.
  • Customize output file format with this free tool in PC.
  • Snip a region or whole screen and track them all after signing up.

Download LightShot Here!

6. Greenshot

Grab this snipping tool for Windows for free and it will take care of all your snipping and editing requirements. It impresses all its users by letting them choose may be a certain area, active window or just entire screen.


Additional Features:

  • Parts of the screenshot can be easily highlighted or annotated using Greenshot.
  • Export the file in various formats like send to printer, copy to clipboard, attach to email, etc.

Download GreenShot Here!

7. DuckCapture

Download this snipping tool for Windows today and enjoy a fully-fledged solution for grabbing screenshots on your PC. From window-based screenshot, region-based shots to scrolling screenshots, you can even edit them all swiftly through an in-built editor.


Additional Features:

  • Refine the capture with annotation tools using DuckCapture.
  • Simple and effective interface welcomes all the users for their required capturing.
  • Options for saving the file, copying it to the clipboard or simply printing it out are available.

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