What is Video Editing? Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Editing is usually considered to be one part of the post production process — other post-production tasks include titling, colour correction, sound mixing, etc. Many people use the term editing to describe all their post-production work, especially in non-professional situations. Whether or not you choose to be picky about terminology is up to you. In this tutorial we are reasonably liberal with our terminology and we use the word editing to mean any of the following: Rearranging, adding and/or removing sections of video clips and/or audio clips.Applying colour correction, filters and other enhancements.Creating transitions between clips. The Goals of Editing There are many reasons to


Microsoft Office remains the most popular productivity suite for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more - whether as a download software package, or as the cloud-based Microsoft 365 suite. However, a range of alternative competitors have become increasingly attractive, not least because of more price-competitive licensing fees, and some are free to use. However, paying less, or nothing, doesn't necessarily mean that the software is of lower quality, as the open source community can testify. Yet there can be issues with sharing documents between different office suite platforms, which can be a real concern. This is why when choosing an alternative to Microsoft Office, you need to be certain of any shortfalls that might limit your use of the software, especially if you

What Is Sms Phishing Attack

SMS phishing is a situation when a cell phone receives a SMS (Instant Message or IM) from a fake person or entity. The unsuspecting cell phone user will respond to a fake SMS and visit a URL, inadvertently downloading malware and installing a Trojan without the user's knowledge. Phishing is all about extracting useful information, so in the case of SMS phishing, the Trojan harvests the data areas of the cellphone and transmits them to the person who created the Trojan at the earliest opportunity. It is a way of performing identity theft, as the inadvertently downloaded malware captures and transmits all of the stored cellphone data, including stored credit card details, names, addresses and other data, like password details for

List Of Virus Infected And Malicious Apps Found In Google Play Store.

Google desperately needs to curb the spread of Android malware. In September alone, researchers uncovered a total of 172 infected apps on the Play Store. The worst part? These apps had racked up over 335 million installs by the time they were detected by security experts. Adware accounted for a staggering 300,600,000 installs, according to data complied by ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko. Other types of malware found on Play included subscription spam, hidden ads, and SMS premium subscription software. Interestingly, while there were 57 instances of software with hidden ads, they made up less than 5 percent of all installs. The Following Are List Of Malicious Apps It’s worth noting that Stefanko’s data merely indicates the amount of installs the apps


Most of us use some famous antivirus like AVG, Avast etc. The main function of any antivirus is to detect and remove the unwanted or harmful files which may slow down your systems. Here is a small trick which helps you make your own antivirus. This antivirus scans your whole computer by using command prompt and removes all the harmful or unwanted files from your system. Have you ever thought of creating your own Antivirus program? If yes, you have to spend a maximum of 2 minutes and you can create your own antivirus program for free! This antivirus program below deletes one kind of virus automatically using command prompt. You can alternatively specify any kind file you want to delete easily. A


The SYSTEM LICENSE VIOLATION error message is one of the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors on the Windows 10 operating system which can be insanely dreadful in case it is avoided as a normal issue. This error might appear due to several causes including the extremely old or damaged drivers, installation of the same apps, RAM issues, corrupted disk partitions, and areas, etc. In case you are also facing the same SYSTEM LICENSE VIOLATION error on your Windows 10 enabled computer, then you are not alone or helpless. Now that you have landed on our website, we have got your back. Just read and follow the instructions mentioned in this article to fix the BSOD SYSTEM LICENSE VIOLATION error. Let’s

Microsoft office 365,2019 and 2016 permanent activators

Introduction to Microsoft Office Software Microsoft Office is a set of computer applications mainly used for business or office purposes. First introduced in 1990, Office software is made by the Microsoft Corporation. MS Office helps simplify basic office tasks and improve work productivity. Each application is designed to address specific tasks, such as word processing, data management, making presentations and organizing emails. Microsoft has developed multiple versions of Office that can be supported by different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.Microsoft Office is also offered in 35 different languages. Microsoft Office Common Applications The most common Office applications are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Other apps include Publisher, Access and OneNote. Here’s a brief explanation of each of the different apps and what you can use

Understanding Computer Crime Forensic Investigation.

What is computer forensics investigation? This e-book is availale contact +234-8064690878 Cellular and computer forensics investigations are the collection and analysis of digital data by trained forensic investigators in order to solve a crime or resolve an issue. COMPUTER AND CYBER CRIMES In general, computer crimes are basically described as criminal activities in which computers are used as tools or are targets of criminal attacks. Cyber-crimes are also defined as crimes directed against a computer, where the computer itself holds the evidences, or where the computer is used to commit the offense. The views and opinions on the severity of various forms of computer crime may vary from one individual to another”. This indicates that some people might neglect or ignore actions that others

HOW TO FIX NTLDR Is Missing Error In A Computer

There are a number of possible causes for NTLDR errors, including the most common "NTLDR is missing" issue. The most common reason for this error is when your computer is trying to BOOT from a hard drive or flash drive that is not properly configured to be booted from. In other words, it's trying to boot from a non-bootable source. This also would apply to media on an optical drive or floppy drive that you're trying to boot from. Other possible causes include corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive sectors, an outdated BIOS, and damaged or loose IDE Cables. Solution 1. Restart Computer Restart your computer. The NTLDR missing error could be a fluke. Solution 2.

Virtualization Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

WHAT IS VIRTUALIZATION? Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based, or virtual, representation of something, such as virtual applications, servers, storage and networks. It is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses. In layman words, Virtualization enables users to disjoint operating systems from the underlying hardware, i.e, users can run multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, on a single physical machine at the same time. Such operating systems are known as guest Oses (operating systems). Virtualization deploys software that makes an abstraction layer across computer hardware, letting the hardware components such as processors, memory, storage etc of a particular computer to be segmented into several virtual elements (also known as

What Is Cryptography In Cyber Security

Definition Cryptography is a method of protecting information and communications through the use of codes, so that only those for whom the information is intended can read and process it. The prefix "crypt-" means "hidden" or "vault" -- and the suffix "-graphy" stands for "writing." In computer science, cryptography refers to secure information and communication techniques derived from mathematical concepts and a set of rule-based calculations called algorithms, to transform messages in ways that are hard to decipher. These deterministic algorithms are used for cryptographic key generation, digital signing, verification to protect data privacy, web browsing on the internet, and confidential communications such as credit card transactions and email. Cryptography provides for secure communication in the presence of malicious third-parties—known as adversaries. Encryption


It is often said that there is love in sharing since no one has monopoly of knowledge and information,so it is normal for website owners to allow others to get information at all times. Since the beginning, the idea of having the internet was as a result of the need to share information freely. Over the years website developers have come up with several ways to ‘disable’ copying of information from websites. But if you know what you are doing and where to look no such barriers can prevent getting what you want. The most common way websites use to disable copying and right click involves use of JavaScript, whereas others use simple styling properties to disable text selection. Below are some of the ways you can copy

How To Download Youtube Videos To Your Computer

To Download YouTube Videos To Your PC Do the following Download and install YTD Video Downloader.Navigate to the YouTube video you want to save, using your browser.Launch YTD Video Downloader if it's not already running. ...Copy and paste the YouTube address from your browser into YTD's URL field. ...Click the Download button in YTD. And thats all the video is downloaded. Another Method With ClipGrab, it is very easy to download any video from YouTube and other video sites like Vimeo on your computer.This tutorial shows you how to download YouTube videos on your PC or Mac. Step 1: Install ClipGrab First of all, you need to install ClipGrab. ClipGrab is a 100 % free and easy to use YouTube downloader and available for Windows, Mac


Some time you notice a beep sound or two when you switch on your computer,it sound so embarassing because with the beeps,your computer will no boot.The underlisted beep sounds are there for you to solve your problems. One beep: One beep from a Phoenix based BIOS is actually an all systems clear notification. It’s an indication that the Power On Self Test is complete. There is no troubleshooting necessary.  One long beep, two short beeps: One long beep followed by two short beeps indicates that there has been a checksum error. This means that there is some kind of motherboard issue. Replacing the motherboard should fix this problem.  One-two-two-three beep code pattern: A1-2-2-3 beep code pattern means that there has been a BIOS ROM checksum error. Literally this

How To Fix Blank Screen Or No Display On A Laptop

Laptop Is On But No Display If you"ve been experiencing problems with your laptop. The power button light turns on but nothing appears on the screen. How to solve the laptop turns on but no display issue without affecting data inside." is clearly stated in this write up It's common to see laptop black screen of death after login with a cursor, no display, no options, just nothing. For years of experience in the IT field, the laptop with "LED light on, hard drive spinning, but no display" issue frequently happens to users, especially when Microsoft pushes a Windows operating system update. And the corresponding troubleshooting can be found anywhere on the internet, most will be related to a Windows reset


The CPU fan error is a common error message that can appear when starting up a Windows desktop computer or laptop. The warning is usually triggered after a computer has shut itself down due to overheating. This may happen when the fan (or fans) are unable to cool the hardware sufficiently. While frustrating, the CPU error message and the forced shutdown indicate the computer's safeguards are working properly. If the fans aren't working properly and the computer continues to overheat, it may result in permanent damage to a number of hardware components. There are ways to confirm the cause of overheating and the resulting error messages, as well as ways to fix them. What Causes CPU Fan Errors? A CPU fan error on start-up

How To Harvest Or Extract Email Addresses From The Internet.

Email addresses are important tools in modern businesses,with the help of email addresses,you can easily contact your customers. You can extract, or harvest, email addresses from a Web page in two ways. You can perform a manual extraction, or you can use email extraction software. Depending on how broad your search is (i.e., one email address versus any email address found on a Web page) and the amount of content on the Web page, you may want to consider going with email extraction software. Either way, you can extract email addresses from the Web quite easily. Learn both methods. Extracting Email Addresses from the Web by Hand Method 1 1 Go to your address bar and enter the domain address of the Web page

What Is Web Application Security?

Web application security is the process of protecting websites and online services against different security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in an application’s code. Common targets for web application attacks are content management systems (e.g., WordPress), database administration tools (e.g., phpMyAdmin) and SaaS applications. Perpetrators consider web applications high-priority targets due to: The inherent complexity of their source code, which increases the likelihood of unattended vulnerabilities and malicious code manipulation.High value rewards, including sensitive private data collected from successful source code manipulation.Ease of execution, as most attacks can be easily automated and launched indiscriminately against thousands, or even tens or hundreds of thousands of targets at a time. Organizations failing to secure their web applications run the risk of being attacked. Among other consequences,

What Is Information System Security?

INTRODUCTION As computers and other digital devices have become essential to business and commerce, they have also increasingly become a target for attacks. In order for a company or an individual to use a computing device with confidence, they must first be assured that the device is not compromised in any way and that all communications will be secure DEFINITION Information systems security, more commonly referred to as INFOSEC, refers to the processes and methodologies involved with keeping information confidential, available, and assuring its integrity.It also refers to: Access controls, which prevent unauthorized personnel from entering or accessing a system.Protecting information no matter where that information is, i.e. in transit (such as in an email) or in a storage area.The detection and remediation of

What Is Internet Content Filtering?

DEFINITION Web content filtering is the practice of blocking access to web content that may be deemed offensive, inappropriate, or even dangerous. Families will be well aware of the need to apply internet content filters to material not suitable for young children, but content filtering has its place in the business world, too.  There are many ways that content can be filtered for the user at a home oroffice. For parents at a home there primary concern may be pornography andchat rooms. For an owner or manager of a company your primary concernwould also include time wasting sites like online games, shopping, news, andmany more. Companies have a bigger challenge because they may haveemployees that need different levels of filtering. You may

How To Repair A Freezing Computer.

Definition Of A Freezing Computer. A hanging or frezing computer refers to an unresponsive computer. When a computer does not respond to any user input, it is said to be frozen. Top Reasons "Why Computer Keeps Freezing" It is important to identify the actual causes for a computer that keeps freezing. The most common causes of freezing in Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 are as follows. 1. Too Many Programs Opening Every program in your computer requires certain amount of both internal and external (hardware) resources to function. If multiple programs are running concurrently, your computer might not have enough memory or computing power to support all of them. In this situation, you should right-click Task Manager, choose Task Manager, click

How To Record Your Computer Screen With Microsoft Powerpoint 2013, 2016 And 2019.

Screen recording is one of the features of microsoft powerpoint 2013,2016 and 2019. You can record your computer screen and related audio, and then embed it in your PowerPoint slide—or you can save it as a separate file. To record and listen to audio associated with your screen recording, you'll need a sound card, microphone, and speakers.Make sure there's enough disk space on your local drive to record and save your screen recording. Record from your computer screen and embed the recording in PowerPoint Open the slide that you want to put the screen recording on.On the Insert tab of the ribbon, select Screen Recording. On the Control Dock, click Select Area (Windows logo key+Shift+A), or, if you want to select the entire

Keylogger Attack Prevention

What's a keylogger? As its name indicates (“key”-“logger”), this term refers to a malicious computer program that secretly records every keystroke made by a computer user. Keyloggers are used to gain fraudulent access to confidential information such as personal details, credit card data, access credentials, etc. TYPES OF KEYLOGGERS There are two types of keyloggers, based on the method used to log keystrokes: software keyloggers and hardware keyloggers. Hardware-based keyloggers are rare, as they require having physical access to the victim’s device in order to manipulate the keyboard. However, software-based keyloggers are much more common, and may affect any device that is not properly protected. Usually, keyloggers are installed on target computers by other malware specimens, such as Trojans or viruses. For example, an attacker

How To Format A Computer

To format your hard disk during Windows 10 installation, you'll need to start, or boot, your computer using the Windows 10 installation disc or USB flash drive. Turn on your computer so that Windows starts normally, insert the Windows 10 installation disc or USB flash drive, and then shut down your computer.Restart your computer.Press any key when prompted, and then follow the instructions that appear.On the "Install Windows" page, enter your language and other preferences, and then click Next.If the "Install Windows" page doesn't appear, and you're not asked to press any key, you might need to change some system settings. To learn how to do this, see Start your computer from a Windows 10 installation disc or USB flash drive.On

Internet Security Tips 2022

WHAT IS INTERNET? The Internet is a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices. With the Internet, it's possible to access almost any information, communicate with anyone else in the world, and do much more. You can do all of this by connecting a computer to the Internet, which is also called going online. When someone says a computer is online, it's just another way of saying it's connected to the Internet. Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. How does the Internet work? At this point you may be wondering, how does the Internet work? The exact answer is pretty complicated and would take a while to explain. Instead, let's look at some of

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death On Your Computer

Blue screen of death (BSoD) or blue screen, is an error screen displayed on Windows computers following a fatal system error. It indicates a system crash, in which the operating system has reached a condition where it can no longer operate safely. The blue screen of death—or BSOD—is always an unwelcome sight. BSODs appear when Microsoft Windows encounters a critical error from which it can’t recover, usually the result of low-level software (or drivers) crashing or faulty hardware. Causes Of Blue Screens of Death Blue screens are generally caused by problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its hardware driver software. Sometimes, they can be caused by issues with low-level software running in the Windows kernel. Regular apps usually won’t be able to

What is internet of things (IOT)

DEFINITION The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDS) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It also refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. The Internet of Things, or "IoT", is about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes, and environments. An IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors and communication hardware, to collect, send and act on data they acquire

What Are Supply Chain Attacks In Cybersecurity

A supply chain attack is a cyber-attack that seeks to damage an organization by targeting less-secure elements in the supply network. A supply chain attack can occur in any industry, from the financial sector, oil industry or government sector. It is, also called a value-chain or third-party attack, occurs when someone infiltrates your system through an outside partner or provider with access to your systems and data. This has dramatically changes the attack surface of the typical enterprise in the past few years, with more suppliers and service providers touching sensitive data than ever before. TYPES OF SUPPLY CHAIN ATTACKS Compromised software building tools or updated infrastructureStolen code-sign certificates or signed malicious apps using the identity of dev companyCompromised specialized code shipped into

Ransomware Attack:How To Protect My Computer From Ransomware

Definition Of Ransomware Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a victim's files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment.  Users are shown instructions for how to pay a fee to get the decryption key. The costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, payable to cybercriminals in Bitcoin.or in Dollars. It can also be seen as, is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or personal files and demands ransom payment in order to regain access. The earliest variants of ransomware were developed in the late 1980s, and payment was to be sent via snail mail. Today, ransomware authors order that payment be sent via cryptocurrency or

What Is Software Piracy

DEFINITION Software piracy is the act of stealing software that is legally protected. This stealing includes copying, distributing, modifying or selling the software. Copyright laws were originally put into place so that the people who develop software (programmers, writers, graphic artists, etc.) would get the proper credit and compensation for their work. When software piracy occurs, compensation is stolen from these copyright holders. It has become a worldwide issue with China, the United States and India being the top three offenders. The commercial value of pirated software is $19 billion in North America and Western Europe and has reached $27.3 billion in the rest of the world. According to the 2018 global software survey, 37% of software installed on personal computers is unlicensed

What Is Software Engineering.

What is Software Engineering? DEFINITION Software engineering is defined as a process of analyzing user requirements and then designing, building, and testing software applications which will satisfy those requirements. Let us first understand what software engineering stands for. The term is made of two words, software and engineering. Software is more than just a program code. A program is an executable code, which serves some computational purpose. Software is considered to be collection of executable programming code, associated libraries and documentations. Software, when made for a specific requirement is called software product. Engineering on the other hand, is all about developing products, using well-defined, scientific principles and methods. What are the different types of Software Engineer Roles? The software engineering field is vast, with different roles based

What Is An Application software?

The term 'software' refers to the set of electronic program instructions or data a computer processor reads in order to perform a task or operation. In contrast, the term 'hardware' refers to the physical components that you can see and touch, such as the computer hard drive, mouse, and keyboard. Software can be categorized according to what it is designed to accomplish. There are two main types of software: systems software and application software. Systems Software Systems software includes the programs that are dedicated to managing the computer itself, such as the operating system, file management utilities, and disk operating system (or DOS). The operating system manages the computer hardware resources in addition to applications and data. Without systems software installed in our

Top Powerful Operating Systems For Ethical Hackers And Penetration Testers

The underlisted operating systems are purely for educational purposes . Do not use it if it’s not legal in your country. Aalso do not use them to harm anybody or to gain unauthorized access to any website you do not own. Use this software only for analyzing your own security. I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using these applications. Use at your own risk. Bugtraq-II Bugtraq-II is a GNU/Linux distribution focused on digital forensics, penetration testing, malware laboratories, and GSM forensics. Bugtraq-II is available in 11 languages with more than 500 ethical security hacking tools installed and configured. Depending on your desktop environment, the features vary. The minimum requirements are based on XFCE and KDE, this ethical

How To Recover Hidden Files From A Virus Infected Usb Drive.

In a situation in which your data is hidden, inaccessible, or lost due to a virus attack on a USB pen drive, you can use Command Prompt (cmd) to recover hidden files from virus infected USB. Since it is free and well-understood, cmd is an excellent choice. Now let's see how this works. (I will be using Windows 10 for this demonstration, but the process is largely the same for other OS versions) 1. Plug your external hard drive, memory card, or USB drive into your computer 2. Go to the start menu, type in "cmd" in the search bar, hit enter. You'll then see something named "cmd.exe" under a list of programs. 3. Click "cmd. exe" and then you will be directed to

Fixing Access Violation Error 0xc0000005

Application Error code 0xc0000005 is also known as Access Violation error. This is a common problem experienced by Windows users, regardless of operating system version. Application Error 0xc0000005 is broad and can be caused by a number of different problems. The error usually appears when trying to run an a program or application (as implied in the error name). It prevents users from starting various applications and programs and states that the application was unable to start correctly. At this point, all you can do is close the pop-up error window by clicking "OK" - Windows then terminates (closes) the application. This obviously prevents you from running that particular application in Windows. Additionally, the error can occur, not only when trying


Very often people usually complain that their Windows computer won’t start up properly. Some said their PC stuck on black screen, welcome screen, keeps restating and so forth. Others also reported that the computer doesn’t boot up at all. In this post, we’ll list the common Windows booting issues and their solutions. Section 1: Common Windows Startup problems 1. Laptop Won’t Turn on You press the power button but your HP/Dell/ASUS/Lenovo laptop won’t turn on at all? You checked the power source, connection and everything, but still cannot figure out the reason? This issue likely occurs when a piece of hardware has failed or causing a problem. 2. Computer Stuck on Black Screen after Startup Many users have posted on the Tech forum


For the fact that computers store data and information for companies and for individuals,there is need to mindful of some warning signs of hard disk failure so as to prevent loss of data and information. Hard drive damage can occur without any prior symptoms, but in most cases, hard disks exhibit one or more warning signs before failing completely. Because HDD failures often result in data loss, computer users should know the most common warning signs associated with common problems like read/write head failures, damaged controller boards and spindle bearing seizures. Always take unusual noises seriously and turn off your hard drive as soon as possible to avoid media damage. Failure symptoms vary depending on a hard drive's brand, model and operating

Top Seven Programming E-books 2022

WHAT IS AN EBOOK? An ebook, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.  An eBook is a non-editable, reflowable book that is converted to a digital format to be read on any digital device such as computer screens or mobile devices. To have a better understanding of what an eBook really is, let’s take a look at the characteristics of an eBook. Characteristics of an eBook For starters, eBooks are files that you can read on a digital device – a tablet, smartphone, computer, etc. But again, considering other files can be read on digital devices (i.e. word documents) eBooks have

How to fix Application unable to start error 0x000007B

0x000007B is a runtime error code that can occur due to a variety of reasons. However, more and more users are complaining about the issue, and it mostly arises when they are trying to launch an application, such as a video game Fortnite or Nero Burning ROM. This can be particularly annoying because the error prevents users from using these applications entirely. Nevertheless, we will provide you solutions on how to fix 0x000007B error. A 0x000007B application error occurs as soon as users click on the app. It states the following: [program].exe – Application ErrorThe application was unable to start correctly (0x000007B). Click OK to close the application The most common 0x000007B error causes include: 64-bit systems trying to run 32-bit files, or vice versa;Outdated, corrupted

Mobile Phones Problem Solving Secret Codes

Problems are bound to occur as long as you use mobile phones. There could be times when you may need to troubleshoot / diagnose your mobile phone or Android Smartphone when there are problems such as Slow Performance, Audio Problems, or Display Problems or any other such Hardware or Software Problems. Mobile Phone Secret Codes To Diagnose problems iPhone – 3001#12345# * – This will display “Field Test” on your iPhone where you can easily test each part of the phone’s functions.BlackBerry: TESTHTC: *#*#3423#*#*LG: 2945#*# or 2945*#01*#Motorola: ##7764726Nokia: ##3282Samsung: * #0011#Sony: 904059+> *#*#0*#*#*LCD Test*#*#0673#*#*OR*#*#0289#*#*Melody Test*#*#0283#*#*Packet Loop Back*#*#0842#*#*Vibrator and Back light Test*#*#2663#*#*Touch Screen Version*#*#2664#*#*Touch Screen Test*#*#0588#*#*Proximity Sensor Test*#*#3264#*#*RAM VersionEnter into Engineering Mode: *#110*01#Enter into Factory Mode: *#987#Restore Factory Settings: *#987*99#Check Software

Differences Between Http And Https

The paramount responsibility of any web developer or owners of websites is to secure the data and information of the website visitors,to be able to achieve that, there is need for both the owners of websites and the developers to understand the differences between HTTP and HTTPS with regard to data and information security. What is HTTP? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. When you enter http:// in your address bar in front of the domain, it tells the browser to connect over HTTP. HTTP uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), generally over port 80, to send and receive data packets over the web. To put it simply it is a protocol that's used by a client and server which allows you

Computer Operating Systems

Definition of operating system An Operating System (OS) is a software that acts as an interface between computer hardware components and the user. Every computer system must have at least one operating system to run other programs. Applications like Browsers, MS Office, Notepad Games, etc., need some environment to run and perform its tasks. The OS helps you to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer’s language. It is not possible for the user to use any computer or mobile device without having an operating system. An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer.It is the foundation upon which you build all other softwares. It manages the computer's memory and processors, as well as all of

How To Format A Virus Infected Computer.

As we browse through the internet on daily basis looking for information so as to solve our problems,we sometimes encounter virus infection making it necessary to format the computer so as to eliminate the virus, to format a computer means to reistall another operating system on the hard disk.When we buy new computer there is still need to format the computer so as to install our desired softwares. To format your hard disk during Windows 10 installation, you'll need to start, or boot, your computer using the Windows 10 installation disc or USB flash drive. Turn on your computer so that Windows starts normally, insert the Windows 10 installation disc or USB flash drive, and then shut down your computer.If you don’t

What Is Computer And Cyber Forensics

Definition Computer forensics is the application of investigative and analytical techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. The goal of computer forensics is to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened on a computing device and who was responsible for it. Forensic investigators typically follow a standard set of procedures: After physically isolating the device in question to make sure it cannot be accidentally contaminated, investigators make a digital copy of the device's storage media. Once the original media has been copied, it is locked in a safe or other secure facility to maintain its

How To Network Computers

A computer network is made up of 2 or more computers connected by a common communications link so that data, resources and peripheral devices can be shared between them. Although there are different methods for creating a computer network, wireless networks have become the standard in recent years, both at home and in the office. This is because a wireless network eliminates the need for a direct or physical connection between each computer or device on the network. An "ad-hoc" network also can be used to provide a temporary connection between 2 computers or internet-enabled devices. This wikiHow teaches you how to network computers. Setting Up a Wireless Computer Network 1 Obtain the necessary equipment to create a computer network.

How To Check And Monitor Your Computer Tempreture

For the fact that Your computing or central processing unit (CPU) performs millions of operations per second, which can cause the processor to become quite hot. If it gets too hot, you might experience system stability issues, crashes, and computing slowdowns, or even create long-term damage. Here are a few situations where checking for your computer temperature might be a good idea: You’re overclocking: If you are pushing your cpu beyond its limit by overclocking it, its temperature will definitely increase — quite significantly in many cases! As an overclocker or a gaming PC builder, monitoring your temperatures should be on your To Do list. You have a super-thin ultrabook: Ultrabooks are usually very thin, giving your laptop little space for proper

Deep Web Search Engines

To the layman, the only aspect of internet is the one we use for normal browsing every day. But, in reality, there are 3 main types of the Internet which are crucial to understanding to get an accurate picture of how it works: 1: The Surface Web2: The Deep Web3: The Dark Web The Surface Web The surface web consists of all the pages that can be indexed by a normal search engine like Google and are available for everyone to see. The Deep Web The deep web consists of all those pages that are protected and hence cannot be indexed by a search engine. This protection may come in the form of several security measures such as passwords. An example is a

How To Remove Virus From Your Pc

A computer virus is a type of malware (malicious software) designed to make self-replicate, i.e. to make copies of itself on any drive connected to your computer. Computer viruses are so-called because, like real viruses, they can self-replicate. Once your computer is infected with a virus, this is how it spreads. When a computer virus infects your computer, it may slow it down and stops it working properly. There are three main ways that your computer may have become infected with a computer virus. The first way your computer could become infected from removable media, like a USB stick. If you insert a USB stick or disk into your computer from an unknown source, it may contain a virus. Sometimes hackers leave infected USB

Steps To Become A Computer Programmer

Computer programming is the process that professionals use to write codes that instructs how a computer, application or software program performs. At its most basic, computer programming is a set of instructions to facilitate specific actions. Computer programmers create instructions for a computer to execute by writing and testing code that enables applications and software programs to operate successfully. Computer programming is also a way of giving computers instructions about what they should do next. These instructions are known as code, and computer programmers write code to solve problems or perform a task. The end goal is to create something: that could mean anything from a web page, or a piece of software, or even just a pretty picture. That’s why computer

What Is A Computer Server

A server is a software or hardware device that accepts and responds to requests made over a network. The device that makes the request, and receives a response from the server, is called a client. On the Internet, the term "server" commonly refers to the computer system which receives a request for a web document, and sends the requested information to the client. It can also be seen as a computer that provides data to other computers. It may serve data to systems on a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) over the Internet. Many types of servers exist, including Web servers, mail servers, and File servers. Each type runs softwares specific to the purpose of the server.


Quantum computing is a branch of computer science that is based on the principles of the superposition of matter and quantum entanglement and uses a different computation method from the traditional one. In theory, it would be able to store many more states per unit of information and operate with much more efficient algorithms at the numerical level, such as Shor's or quantum annealing. This new generation of supercomputers uses knowledge of quantum mechanics — the area of physics that studies atomic and subatomic particles — to overcome the limitations of classic computing. Although in practice, quantum computing faces evident problems regarding scalability and incoherence, it makes it possible to perform multiple simultaneous operations and eliminates the tunnel effect

How To Make My Computer Faster

Slow computers are the bane of many enterprises, we're all well acquainted with the annoyance of opening a program and waiting an age for it to open - it can be so tempting just pack it up and buy a new one, but there are measures you can take to improve the machine's perfomance. May be Your Windows computer runs slowly and slowly? Don’t give up hope. There’s something you can do to optimize your computer’s performance . In this article, we’re going to take you through how to make your computer fast. Read along and find how… Solutions for ‘how to make your computer fast’: Here are solutions you can try to make your computer run fast. You can follow along

what is computer programming?

Computer programming by definition is the art of issuing commands and giving computers instructions about what they should do next. These instructions are known as code, and computer programmers write code to solve problems or perform a task. The end goal is to create something: that could mean anything from a web page, or a piece of software, or even just a pretty picture. That’s why computer programming is often described as a mix between art and science; it’s technical and analytical, yet creative at the same time. When I first started looking for courses to teach myself how to code, I realized just how much I didn’t know. My brothers work as programmers, so I’d seen the lines and lines

What Are The Importance Of Computer Engineering

Definition of computer engineering Computer Engineering is defined as the discipline that embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment. Computer engineering has traditionally been viewed as a combination of both computer science (CS) and electrical engineering (EE). It has evolved over the past three decades as a separate, although intimately related, discipline. Computer engineering is solidly grounded in the theories and principles of computing, mathematics, science, and engineering and it applies these theories and principles to solve technical problems through the design of computing hardware, software, networks, and processes. It can also be seen as the branch of engineering that integrates electronic engineering with computer sciences. Computer

How To Hack A Computer With Kali Linux.

Refuge ICT is about to teach you how to hack a computer ,this is purely for educational purpose to understand hackers strategy and secure your computer do not use this for negative purpose Hacking refers to activities that seek to compromise digital devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and even entire networks. And while hacking might not always be for malicious purposes, nowadays most references to hacking, and hackers, characterize it/them as unlawful activity by cybercriminals—motivated by financial gain TYPES OF HACKERS Broadly speaking,there are two types of hackers 1.The black heart hackers 2.The white heart hackers The black heart hackers are the bad guys on the internet,their work is to break into database,steal vital information,create virus,compromise computers and websites for


Computer networking is an engineering discipline that aims to study and analyze the communication process among various computing devices or computer systems that are linked, or networked, together to exchange information and share resources. Computer networking depends on the theoretical application and practical implementation of fields like computer engineering, computer sciences, information technology and telecommunication. A router, network card and protocols are the essential pillars upon which any network is built. Computer networks are the backbone of modern-day communication. Even public switched telephone networks are controlled by computer systems; most telephonic services are also working with IP. The increasing scope of communication has led to much advancement in the networking field and in its relative industries like hardware, software manufacturing and integration. As

What Is A Computer Virus

Definition: A computer virus is any malicious software program loaded onto a user’s computer without the user’s knowledge and performs malicious steal information and weaken the functionality of the computer. How does a computer virus operate? A computer virus operates in two ways. The first kind, as soon as it lands on a new computer, begins to replicate. The second type plays dead until the trigger kick starts the malicious code. In other words, the infected program needs to run to be executed. Therefore, it is highly significant to stay shielded by installing a robust antivirus program. ORIGIN OF COMPUTER VIRUS An engineer called Robert Thomas, At BBN Technologies developed the first known computer virus in the year 1971. The first virus was


A fast and efficient computer,makes work easy and efficient while a slow computer delays work and causes inability to meet up with targets. The are many reasons why a computer is running slowly Below are the procedures users can follow to help speed up a computer or determine why a computer is running slowly. It should be noted that this article only covers an overall slow computers.If your computer is running slowly, 1.Restart Your Computer If your computer has not been rebooted recently, make sure to reboot it before following any of the steps below. Rebooting the computer can fix many problems and is an easy first step If that does not solve the problem you try the next step which is to chech


What is the meaning of science and technology? Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, and technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. WHAT IS COMPUTER SCIENCE? Computer science is the study of processes that interact with data that can be represented as data in the form of programs. It enables the use of algorithms to manipulate, store, and communicate digital information. A computer scientist studies the theory of computation and the design of software systems.  It can also be seen as the study of both computer hardware and software design. It encompasses both the study of theoretical algorithms and the practical problems involved in implementing them through computer hardware and software.


A computer can be defined as an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. You may already know that you can use a computer to type documents, send email, play games, and browse the Web. You can also use it to edit or create spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos. What are the types of computers? When most people hear the word computer, they think of a personal computer such as a desktop or laptop. However, computers are of different types and shapes, and they perform many different functions in our daily lives. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, scan groceries at the store, or use a calculator, you're using a type

CLOUD COMPUTING ARCHITECTURE:Top Cloud Computing Applications in 2020

Definition Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services -- from applications to storage and processing power -- typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis. Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. You typically pay only for cloud services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change. History of cloud computing? Cloud computing as a term has been around since the early 2000s, but the concept of computing-as-a-service has been around for much, much longer -- as far back as the 1960s, when computer bureaus

Free Serial Keys WebSites for All Softwares In The 21st Century.

Getting serial or license keys to activate softwares can be difficult sometimes If you are  in urgent need, looking for the serial key of a paid software, then these websites can give you what you want   . Nowadays, it is almost impossible to handle any task in work or study without the help of softwares, such as image processing, document editor, and speech-to-text. However, most of those programs only allows paid users to access advanced or even basic features.  if  you are a student or you are poor,don’t worry.there are tested dozens of websites where you can get  free serial keys  for all kinds of softwares. These websites are as follows:  1.–  This Is A Free Serial KeysWebsite  for Most Softwares If


 What is a virus? Answer: An acronym for malicious software, malware is a form of virus,an umbrella term for all kinds of harmful computer programs that are used by hackers and other miscreants to wreak havoc and gain access to sensitive information. Using malware, cybercriminals can expose your private identity and cause damage to individual computers, servers, or an entire network of computers. In most cases, the malware gains access to a computer, or another device through email or the internet. However, there are occasions when it may access a device through software, toolbars, music files, game demos, free subscriptions, websites or anything else downloaded onto the device from the web which is not protected by anti-malware. Internet is the eye with which we see


WHAT IS A WEBSITE SCANNER? By definition, web application scanner is an automated vulnerability assessment solution that crawls a website (either automatically or has been trained) looking for vulnerabilities within web apps. The solution analyzes all web pages and files that it finds, and builds a structure of the entire website. The scanner then performs automated checks against security vulnerabilities by launching a series of common web attacks and analyzes the results for vulnerabilities. Organizations need a Web application scanning solution that can scan for security loopholes in Web-based applications to prevent would-be hackers from gaining unauthorized access to corporate information and data. Web applications are proving to be the weakest link in overall corporate security, even though companies have left no stone unturned