Getting free UK Number while you are in Nigeria for free, is easy,all you need to do,is to follow the steps below and within a short interval you will have your Nigerian phone number converted to UK phone Number and you conveniently receive your calls in Nigeria here.

You can access a UK number even while you have not been to UK before, this is the method scammers uses to pretend that they are in UK while they are in Nigeria or some other countries. This process is obtaining a UK number in Nigeria from the internet. These days internet has made it possible for any country to have a UK number for the sake of businesses and low-cost rate of travelers whom their family and friends would want to call. But this service is most used by yahoo boy’s which has definitely change the initial intention for letting all countries have access to UK numbers online. What most people uses it for now is to trick other people thinking that they are in The UK while they are with you in Nigeria or Ghana.

There are numerous online tools where foreign countries can make a UK number and start answering calls with it. This UK number will be routed to your Nigeria or Ghana number, and when ever someone calls your UK number it will ring on your Nigeria Ghana Number. Note that it not everyone who uses UK number in Nigeria or Ghana are scammers, eliminate individuals would also want to have UK number for their business or any other legal reasons.

On this article i will be showing you how you can get a free UK number in Nigeria and start receiving calls with it in Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa.

NOTE: This article is for learning purpose in advancing our knowledge that the readers can be able to identify a routed and legitimate UK number and for purpose of some legal activities. RefugeICTSolution will not be held responsible for illegal activities that you used this information for. We advice you don’t involve in illegal activities as there is penalty for such.

Now let get started
As we mentioned above, there are so many tools online which you can obtain UK number from, some of those tools are scammers themselves while some are legitimate but paid service and some and some tools are totally free. On this article we will be using the best among them, free and easy to set up tools to make our UK Number.

Requirements of obtaining a UK number from Nigerian or Ghana

  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Valid Phone Number
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Email Address

To Get UK Number For Free in Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa.

STEP 1: Visit

This is the website where we are going to obtain our UK number from, the interface of this website is very easy to understand

STEP 2: Select country

Been that Nigeria is the most used country of this service, the website has put Nigeria on the top of all countries they offer the service of UK number, all you need to do is click on the register button in Nigeria section or if you are in Ghana of South Africa just select your country by clicking the register button at the front of it. You can click the view details button to see how it work, but in this tutorial we are going to go direct and click the “Register” button

STEP 3: Fill the registration form

On this page you have to fill the registration form currently and click register button make sure you are using the right details such as name, email.

STEP 4: Register With Free UK
after filling the registration form, click Register Now button below

  • Successful Registered
    If your registration process was successful, a confirmation page will open that will show you registration successful as in the photo, all you need to do is copy or write your account details down and click the login button below the confirmation message to login to your new account dashboard

STEP 5: Select UK Number Of Your Choice
On your dashboard the service will show you all available UK numbers which you can choose from, all you should do is select the uk number of your choice that you would like to use by clicking on the number.

STEP 6: Select Country Your UK Number Should Be Diverted To

On the drop down box, Select the country you want your uk number to be diverted to as the country you are. (e.g if you are in Nigeria you will have to will have to select Nigeria to divert your uk number to Number, and if you are in Ghana selected divert to Ghana etc). Note that it must be the present country you are. After selecting your country click the “Next” Button

STEP 7: Enter Your Country Dialing Code

Because you have previously select the country which you want your UK Number to be diverted to, on this field you have to enter your country code. All you need to do is hit the drop down box and select your country, your country code will automatically appear. Now click “Next” button to go to the next page

STEP 8: Enter Your Own Personal Number
This is the number you will be using to receive calls that goes to your UK number, it must be your own personal number you have been using before in your country. (e.g If I’m in Nigeria and i want any call that goes to my uk number to RING on my phone here in Nigeria then i will enter my Nigeria Number 08023456789), after typing your number on the field to replace the xxxxxxxx click “Next”

STEP 9: Activate Routing
On this page do not touch or edit any field, just go straight at the bottom and click activate Route Button.

STEP 10: Congratulation Successful, +447024095540 Routed!
On this page you will see your route status as successful routed, means your UK number have been activated and can now be use. It all set to be use, you can use another number to call your given UK Number and watch it Ring on your phone.

The process we just go through is called making a fake UK number and diverting it to ring on our local number when it been called.

People are paying more than $500 for this information on how to obtain fake UK number from another country I just gave you for free. All i wish for is you using it for a legal purposes.

How To Know A Fake UK Number

It is very easy to know a fake UK number if you are not just been carried away just because you saw +44 in beginning of the number. At the same it might be difficult to know a fake UK number if you have not seen or take good note of the real UK Number before. Now i am going to show you how to know a fake number. take a look at the two numbers below.

Real Uk Numbers

+447710281726 – 07710281726

+447527869076 – 07527869076

+442920707090 – 2920707090

Fake UK Numbers

+447024094640 – 07024095540

+447035827493 – 07035827493

+448058493848 – 8058493848

The example above shows you the deference between a real UK number a fake UK number. A fake UK number must always have 0 after the first three numbers (e.g +4470) that is to tell you that the number was faked from 070****** while a real UK number will not have that 0 just after the first three number. You can check the example above again.

So this is the complete process to get a UK number in Nigeria, If you are having any issues regarding UK number then use the comment box below to drop your comment, i will respond to you as soon as possible.

This is the complete process of making a free UK number even while not in the UK.

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