How To Solve Windows 10 License Will Expire Soon Message On Your Computer

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Although Your Windows License Will Expire soon a warning that appears on a laptop or PC, not many people know about it. But in fact, this warning message is caused by three reasons, along with his review:

  • Using Windows in trial or trial mode.
  • The Windows you are using has expired.
  • Use a Windows activator that gives a few months of the active period.

After you already know the reason why the warning message with the words Your Windows License Will Expire soon often appears on your laptop or computer.

Now you will find it easier to find a solution to the emergence of Your Windows License Will Expire soon warning message. You can try one of the solutions from the following two methods below.

Through the Task Manager

Through the Task Manager
Through the Task Manager

The first way to overcome Your Windows License Will Expire soon that often appears is to use the task manager. Task manager is a feature that is already available by default in Windows, so you don’t need to install any additional applications.

How to get rid of Your Windows License Will Expire soon that appears:

  1. Open the task manager or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. On the Processes tab, look for Windows Explorer.
  3. If you have found, right click> and Restart or End Task.
  4. Then click File> Run new tasks> type explorer.exe> ​​OK.
  5. Open the Command Prompt run as Administrator.
  6. Type slmgr -rearm in CMD then Enter.
  7. If the message Command completed successfully and the command restart appears, click OK.

After the PC or laptop has been restarted, if the status is Windows is not activated then you must activate using the activator. However, if the status changes to Windows is Activated, then you don’t need to activate it.

Now, Your Windows License Will Expire soon warning message that always appears has been successfully removed from your PC or laptop.

Remove Windows License

Remove Windows License
Remove Windows License

The second solution for how to get rid of the Your Windows License Will Expire soon message is to use Command Prompt / CMD. The way this method works is that you will delete the license from your Windows product key.

Here’s how to resolve Your Windows License Will Expire Soon:

  1. Run the command prompt with Administrator access.
  2. In CMD, type slmgr / upk then press Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Then the message Uninstalled product key successfully appears.
  4. Click the OK option on the message.
  5. Finally, you must restart your PC or laptop.

After your laptop or PC is active again, your windows lisence will be deleted so that the message Your Windows License Will Expire soon will not reappear.

But because your Windows license key has been removed from the laptop and PC, it means you have to reactivate Windows using your mainstay activator.

3. Using the Activator

An activator is a software that is able to provide an extension of the active windows that have expired for free. In addition, some activators can permanently activate windows so that the message “Your Windows License Will Expire soon” will no longer appear.


So, friends, these were above how to fixed windows license will expire soon, Similarly, articles related to how to overcome your Windows license will expire soon on a laptop or PC on Windows 8 or windows 10 that always appears. This method can be a solution for those of you who feel disturbed by the appearance of the warning message.

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