I am sure many of you have been told in the past to defrag your hard drives when you have noticed a slow down on your computer. You may have followed the advice and defragged your hard drive, and actually noticed a difference. Have you ever wondered why defragging helps though? This tutorial will discuss what Disk Fragmentation is and how you can optimize your hard drive’s partitions by defragmenting them for better performance.

Defragmentation, also known as “defrag” or “defragging” is the process of reorganizing the data stored on the hard drive so that related pieces of data are put back together, all lined up in a continuous fashion.  You could say that defragmentation is like cleaning house for your server or PC, it picks up all of the pieces of data that are spread across your hard drive and puts them back together again.


Defragmentation is important,because every computer suffers from the constant growth of fragmentation and if you don’t “clean house”, your servers and PCs suffer. and run slowly, without defragmentation, processes in our computers would not move smoothly and efficiently.Regularly

running the Disk Defragmenter utility improves system performance. When the computer saves files, it fragments the files into pieces and saves the pieces in various locations on the hard drive. Windows takes longer to access files because it requires additional disk drive reads to find the pieces.

 Disk Defragmenter consolidates the fragments to one location on the disk drive. As a result, Windows accesses files faster, and new files are less likely to be fragmented.

In my next post,i will take you through the process of disk defragmentation,the process will help you to maintain your computer always and constantly.

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