Internet, a system architecture that has revolutionized communications and methods of commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to interconnect. Sometimes referred to as a “network of networks,” the Internet emerged in the United States in the 1970s but did not become visible to the general public until the early 1990s. By 2020, approximately 4.5 billion people, or more than half of the world’s population, were estimated to have access to the Internet.

The Internet provides a capability so powerful and general that it can be used for almost any purpose that depends on information, and it is accessible by every individual who connects to one of its constituent networks. It supports human communication via social media, electronic mail (e-mail), “chat rooms,” newsgroups, and audio and video transmission and allows people to work collaboratively at many different locations. It supports access to digital information by many applications, including the world wide web. The Internet has proved to be a spawning ground for a large and growing number of “e-businesses” (including subsidiaries of traditional “brick-and-mortar” companies) that carry out most of their sales and services over the Internet.


A digital decoder converts the digital signal from your TV provider into images. As a result, you can view the channels that are a part of your subscription

What does a satellite decoder do?

Satellite broadcasters often restrict their broadcasts on a territorial and paid-for basis by encrypting their transmissions. To access a broadcast, consumers buy or lease ‘decoder devices’ (such as set top boxes), which convert the encrypted transmissions into a watchable form.

The benefits of the internet can not be overemphasized, internet is the eye with which we view the world as a global village.we all visit social media sites,use instagram,use whatsapp and others things that we do on the internet.The truth is that you can get internet connection through your digital satellite decoder.The underlisted steps will help you to achieve that.

Connection Requirements

RJ – 45 NIC Cable
Ethernet Cable
Router(WIRELESS OR WIRED if you intend to use more than one pc)
DECODER(mytv, hitv, dstv, daarsat etc)
Coaxial to RJ-45 converter or adapter

The steps to Connection

Step 1

Coaxial Cable cord

Splitter Port

Connect the coaxial cable from your dish to your satellite decoder splitter (i.e. the “in” part) and then connect one cable from the first “out” port to your decoder and the one from the second port to your Linksys modem; the cable can be purchased from any shop where they sell cable

Decoder while one of the other coaxial cable cords is connected to your television to watch satellite stations.

Step 2

Coaxial Cable cord


Connect the second Coaxial cable cord from the splitter to WAN port of your router (Linksys Router)

Step 3

Coaxial Cable cord

If your cable modem does not have an inbuilt router facility, you will need to connect your cable Modem to the CATV network of your router using the same coaxial cable connection as your TV, but might need to convert it

Step 4

Ethernet Cable


Connect the Ethernet Cable from the router to your computer system, which can stand as a client if you are using only one computer or server if you are networking more than one system, make sure that your computer has an inbuilt Ethernet adapter on the Motherboard or a separate Ethernet card, you can also install an Ethernet Card into an available internal expansion slot or you can alternatively use a USB – Based Ethernet Adapter instead. In our connection we use a USB –based Ethernet adapter on HITV Decoder

Step 5


RJ -45 Cable

At the back of the Linksys Router there are several ports, port 1 – 4 Stand as the LAN(Local Area Network) Port which can be used to connect 1 -4 CPU to the router with an RJ -45NIC Cable, in most cases the cables comes with the router when you purchase it. Connect 1 -4 CPU to the LAN Port of the router with your RJ -45 Cables, please don’t mistake it with the Ethernet cable, as is only to be used to connect the computer which is the server to the Router for network routing and also note that each of the CPU that connect to the Router LAN Port with the help of RJ-45 must have an inbuilt Network card install in them, while the server should have an Ethernet card adapter install on the board as mentioned earlier.

Step 6

The fifth port of the Linksys Router which stand as the WAN Port (Wireless Access Network) Connect the second coaxial cable that comes from the splitter to the WAN Port of the Router, but note that you need a converter which is an adapter that convert the coaxial cable to RJ -45 cable since the Router WAN port does not have a direct port for a coaxial cable

Step 7

The sixth port of the Linksys Router which is called the Uplink Port, the port can be connected to a Hub or a Switch to enable additional users or computers within the network range to share with the internet of your decoder via wireless access

System Configuration Steps

1. Start up your computer that we call the server, and click on the start button and then click on control panel

2. Click on Network connection from the control panel tab

3. Click on Create a new Network connection from the Network Connection from the control panel tab

4. Select the Connect to the Internet Radio button and then click on Next button

5. Select the Choose from the a list of Internet Service providers [ISPs] radio button and click on Next button

6. Finally Click on Finish button, then the connection will then come up

7. Open up your Internet Browser and start browsing

Browsers Compatibility

(1) Internet Explorer

(2) Google Chrome

(3) Opera

(4) Firefox

And much more

Operating System Compatibility (1) Windows Operating System (2) Linux Operating System

What can this Internet Technology are used for? (1) Personal Usage

(2) Group Usage in an Organization or Company

(3) Cyber Cafe;

(4) Business Centre for Email Service and Internet Calls

Benefits of using this Technology (1) Pay only monthly subscription for your cable TV and it covers the Internet Bill (2) Browse with a very fast internet speed of 4mbs download speed

(3) Connect large number of Computer systems with the help of a Network devices

(4) Connection configuration is simple and easy

(5) You can watch Cable TV while browsing the internet at the same time without conflict

(6) No downtime for internet connection except if your subscription as elapsed or one of the connection devices gets faulty.

(7) You can buy two decoders to setup a mini cyber cafe; and cable TV football centre at the same time


I believe you will be successful using this manual to configure your decoder internet browsing.

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