Definition of computer network

computer network is a group of computers that use a set of common communication protocols over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources located on or provided by the network nodes. … They are identified by hostnames and network addresses.

What Is an Ad Hoc Network?

In computer networking, an ad hoc network refers to a network connection established for a single session and does not require a router or a wireless base station

For example, if you need to transfer a file to your friend’s laptop, you might create an ad hoc network between your computer and his laptop to transfer the file. This may be done using an Ethernet crossover cable, or the computers’ wireless cards to communicate with each other. If you need to share files with more than one computer, you could set up a mutli-hop ad hoc network, which can transfer data over multiple nodes.

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Connecting two computers does not always require a centrally managed network. Instead, users can set up an ad hoc network between two computers. The two devices communicate through an ethernet cable or wireless cards. However, this connection is only temporary.

How Does an Ad Hoc Network Work?

Let’s say that Adam needs to transfer a file over to his friend, Eve, but doesn’t have access to a safe Wi-Fi connection. He can create an ad hoc network instead.

An ad hoc network is a temporary type of Local Area Network (LAN) If you set up an ad hoc network permanently, it becomes a LAN.

Multiple devices can use an ad hoc network at the same time, but this might cause a lull in performance. Users can also employ an ad hoc network to access the internet, as long as the hosting device can access the internet. This might be useful if only one small area of a location can access the internet, but multiple people need to get online.

With an ad hoc network, several devices can share the host device’s internet access. Employers typically pay well for jobs that manage this sort of network, especially in fields that demand a lot of travel.

Adam can create an ad hoc network between his and Eve’s laptops wirelessly, as long as it is within 100 meters (about 328 feet). From that point, he can transfer files to Eve’s laptop.

However, since Adam’s computer is the hosting device, the connection between the two devices will end when Adam ends the session, no matter how many devices are connected to the ad hoc network at the time.


Router Free

Connecting to files on other computers and/or the Internet without the need for a wireless router is the main advantage of using an ad hoc network. Because of this, running an ad hoc network can be more affordable than a traditional network—you don’t have the added cost of a router. However, if you only have one computer an ad hoc network won’t be possible.


Ad hoc networks can be created on the fly in nearly any situation where there are multiple wireless devices. For example: emergency situations in remote locations make a traditional network nearly impossible, but “The medical team can utilize 802.11 radio NICs in their laptops and PDAs and enable broadband wireless data communications as soon as they arrive on the scene.”


Creating an ad hoc network from scratch requires a few settings changes and no additional hardware or software. If you need to connect multiple computers quickly and easily, then an ad hoc network is an ideal solution.

In ad hoc network, node acts as a router to send and receive the data. An advantage of the system is robustness, flexibility and mobility. Ad hoc network are capable for analyzing radio propagation environment to optimize the performance

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