Obviously, without the Internet, life would be boring

You might love the Internet as a way to relax, but there’s also a lot that it can do to help you improve your study habits and make you more successful. and productive.

The following list contains the top useful websites to enable you to get organized, develop new skills, and plan for the future.

1.Amazon Textbooks

On Amazon Textbooks, you can rent, sell and buy textbooks. But in case you weren’t happy with the books, you can return them within 30 days for a refund. You can also trade your used textbooks for an Amazon gift card.

Additionally, by shopping on Amazon Textbooks, you can enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of items, including cheap college textbooks, when you join Prime Student.


StudentsRate is a small business aimed to help student spend wisely. They offer textbooks, beauty products, computer, gadgets and a lot more. In fact, it is a search engine that lets you compare prices across a wide range of site.


It is now easy to access passionate experts to teach you anything from anywhere. And all you require are a laptop and a wifi connection. And this has been the mission of Lynda ever since. With Lynda, you can learn business, software, technology and creative skills and a lot more. For more than 20 years, they have helped students, professionals, IT and design pros, leaders, and everybody else with their wide range of courses.


With Udacity, you can now easily build skills for today, tomorrow, and beyond. Because you can start learning with experts from Google, IBM, Standford, MIT and more.

Additionally, Project reviewers, mentors, and fellow students can help you succeed in putting your effort into rewarding careers. To provide a groundbreaking learning experience, they collaborate with industry on everything to ensure the best learning.


Like every other website on this list, Coursera visualizes a world where everyone from anywhere can transform their lives by accessing the world’s best learning experience. So, you can join 33 Million learners for 2,700+ courses, 250+ specializations, and 4+ degrees to be taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educationals institutes.

Their courses include video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. Also, when you have completed any course, you will get a shareable electronic Course Certificate.

6.Khan Academy

Khan Academy, aimed to provide free and world-class education for anyone, anywhere, is a personalized learning resource for all ages. They offer pretty much everything to make learning fun and easy. They have partnered with NASA, MIT and The Museum of Modern Art to empower learners to study on their pace in and out of a classroom.

Long story short, they offer personalized learning dashboard, videos, practice exercises and a lot more for subjects like Math, Science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more for students of every grade, even kindergarten.


It is an Open Online Learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012. EDX’s mission is to render high-quality education for everyone everywhere through courses from the world’s best universities. Additionally, they work to enhance teaching and learning experience on campus and online.

With more than 130 partners, EDX is the only MOOC provider which is not only open source but also nonprofit. To get started with EDX to learn, all you need to do is sign up and browse for courses you want to learn.



When you need to study hard for exams, you can access OpenStudy and become part of study groups for history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other courses you take.



Instead of typing like a maniac, you can become more productive by dictating. Dragon Dictation will instantly transform your words into text.



Quizlet enables you to study vocabulary, languages, and many other things for free. It supports effective study tools that will help you see learning as a fun activity.

11. Dictionary.com (Mobile)


When you don’t understand what your eloquent professor is saying, you can access this smartphone app and translate his expressions into simple words.


MyStudyLife is a free app that lets you coordinate your calendar and to-do list.

Designed especially for schools, this is a planner that can be customized for rotating schedules and long-term assignments.

You can even set up reminders about your homework due dates and store assignments in the cloud, so they’re always accessible.

 13.Academic Earth

Academic Earth is another website that offers plenty of online courses, with classes available in everything from accounting to sociology.

Academic Earth also provides an entertaining “Video Electives” section, as well as information on what to expect from a degree course in any subject.

This can help you to plan what you might want to study further down the road.

Academic Earth

14. CodeAcademy

Codecademy has just one mission: to teach you to code.

Their interactive online courses are broken down into bite-sized lessons and cover topics such as building a web page and learning to code in different computer languages.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own app or website, this is the perfect way to get started.



Sometimes you just want to make something, whether it’s related to craft, food, or electronics.

Instructables are detailed, step-by-step directions to help you build just about anything.

It’s an especially good place to learn basic skills like cooking, sewing, and carpentry.


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