Software is a collection of instructions that tell a computer how to work. This is in contrast to hardware, from which the system is built and actually performs the work

What is software?

Software is the collection of data, programs, procedures, routines and instructions that tell a computer or electronic device how to run, work and execute specific tasks. This is in contrast to hardware, which is the physical system and components that perform the work.

How does software work?

How exactly does software work? Well, it is just another term for a computer programme and a programme is a set of instructions that tells the device how to perform.

Those instructions are written in code that the computer can understand.

At the core of all software is logic and the principle of input > process > output.

The programme needs information to work with i.e. the input. Think tapping a button on your phone. It then asks a series of questions based on a set of rules. For example, should the button print an invoice or cancel an order?

The output is what happens as a result. Your printer whirrs into life and the invoice pops out of the tray.

Types of Software

Software can take the form of one line of code or, like Microsoft’s Windows operating system, span into millions.

Software also works with other software to join as a cohesive system. Your smartphone is a collection of thousands of software components designed to work together.

Code languages and styles vary in size and scope. The software used to work a modern microwave is very different from the code that runs an Apple Mac.

The remainder of this article helps to explain the different types of software including:

  • Application Software
  • System Software
  • Firmware
  • Programming Software
  • Driver Software
  • Freeware
  • Shareware
  • Open Source Software
  • Closed Source Software
  • Utility Software

free apps

Softwares are so useful that so many organizations depends on them for daily operations.

The following are free are the list of free software download sites so you can download any PC software like image editing, graphic design, desktop publishing, 3D animation, and web publishing.

These websites have large libraries of downloadable applications for most platforms, including windows, Mac, Linux, Smartphones, iPad Apps, BlackBerry Apps, Android Apps and game libraries. 

There are hundreds of sites are available for free software download. Here is a list of the best free software download websites.

20 Best Free Software Download Sites of 2020

1. Filehippo

FileHippo is the best pc software download website that offers open source, freeware, and shareware programs for Windows.

2. Sourceforge

SourceForge has a collection of free and open-source software projects.

3. LO4D.COM is another free software download sites. You can get any pc programs like Audio & Video, Business & Development, Educational, Games, Graphics, Hardware Software, Internet Software, Security, System Optimization, and Utilities.


CNET Downloads is the trusted, safe, and secure resource for software mobile applications, and game downloads.  Free Software platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

5. Softonic

Softonic is one of the most popular free software download sites. It has over 160.000 freeware and trial version software titles distributed through specific channels specially designed for Windows, Mac, Linux, and smartphones.

6. Softpedia

A library of over 500,000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, Mobile Phones, Games and Drivers and an up-to-date news and reviews section focused on IT subject

7. Brothersoft

Brothersoft has conglomerated a series of freeware, trialware and retail software downloads. most platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Smartphones.


FileHorse lets fast and simple way to download free software for Windows PC. Latest versions of hand-picked programs sorted into categories.

9. | is a website that hosts shareware and freeware downloads for Windows and Macintosh. The site was originally launched as TweakFiles in 1997. It has been known as MajorGeeks since 2000.


ZDNet’s Software Directory is the Web’s largest library of software downloads. Covering software for Windows, Mac, and Mobile systems, ZDNet’s Software Directory is the best source for technical software.

11. Soft32

This site has many freeware and shareware software for Windows, Mac, and Linux along with Mobile/PDA.

12. Freewarefiles

Free Downloads of over 16000 free software programs.

13. Tucows

Tucows contains software for many major computer platforms including Windows, Linux and Macintosh, and also older versions of Windows.


15. Techspot

16. Softlay

17. Softwareinformer

18 Downloadastro

19. Filecluster


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