How To Recover Files Using Hirens Boot Cd


Hiren’s Boot CD PE is a collection of utilities installed on a bootable USB or DVD you can use to troubleshoot issues related to problems with an existing installation of your Windows OS. Hiren’s BootCD PE runs on a version of Windows PE, which is designed to be used for troubleshooting, but can’t be used as a full installation of the OS.   

There are literally dozens of utilities in the Hiren’s BootCD package, including TeamViewer for remote access, Malwarebytes for removing malware and viruses, a number of disk and system imaging tools, and tools for recovering accidentally deleted files.

What is use of Hiren’s Boot CD?

Hiren’s Boot CD is an all-in-one bootable rescue disc solution that contains a load of useful Windows repair tools you’ll want to have when you can no longer boot into your PC. Imagine issues like hard drive failure, virus infections, partitioning, password recovery, and data recovery.


Download Hiren’s BootDisk.

2. Burn it onto a Disk.

3. Boot from Hiren’s BootDisk.

4. When you finally boot from the Hiren’s Disk, select Windows Mini XP. Is not going to install it just going to run a mini version of Windows XP.

5. When you get to the Desktop you can browse just like you would in any version of Windows. Go to My Computer.

6. Because we booted from the Disk the letters belonging to the Drives have changed. Try to Identify your drive by the name or size.

7. You can plug in an additional drive and it will be detected just like any Windows would and now you can copy and paste any files you need.

8. Or you can run a backup tool, one of the many tools that Hiren’s brings.

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9. From the Desktop Click on HBCD Icon then click on programs then Backup from the drop down menu then FastCopy.

10. From the FastCopy options you can select a folder or a Hard Drive to be the source location.

11.As a Destination Dirctory you can select a Pen Drive or external Hard Drive.

Note: If you are Backing up the entire Hard Drive make sure that the Destination Directory drive is Bigger than the amount of spaced used on you source drive.

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