What Is Application Domain In Software Engineering

App domain definition

An application domain is a mechanism used within the Common Language Infrastructure to isolate executed software applications from one another so that they do not affect each other. Each application domain has its own virtual address space which

An application domain is the segment of reality for which a software system is developed. It is the background or starting point for the actual-state analysis and the creation of a domain model.

An application domain can be an organization, a department within an organization, or a single workplace.

The concept of an application domain is at least as wide, so that the domain concepts and relations relevant for the construction of models can be well understood during the analysis of the actual state of the domain. On the other hand, its extent should always be limited, that is, never be too complex.

An application domain normally includes a domain-specific language. This means that people in this domain use specific terms and concepts and think about their domain in a specific way.

The application domain is very important, because it is critical for our application-oriented way of developing software. The developers analyze and describe the actual tasks and situations that characterize the application domain in the domain-specific language. This corresponds to an actual-state analysis, where the typical processes and the objects used in these processes are represented in their domain-specific use contexts, for example, as scenarios or glossary entries It is similar to the business model in UP. At the same time, the application domain is the basis for the construction of a domain model. Together with the analysis and description of the actual state within the application domain, we are gradually building the domain model.

What are the different software application domains?

On the basis of application:

System Software – … Networking and Web Applications Software – … Embedded Software – … Reservation Software – … Business Software – … Entertainment Software – … Artificial Intelligence Software – … Scientific Software –


Application domains have isolation properties similar to that of operating system processes:

  • Multiple threads can exist within a single application domain.
  • An application within a domain can be stopped without affecting the state of another domain in the same process

How does application domain work?

An application domain (commonly called AppDomains) is a logical unit of isolation that enables you to execute multiple applications within the same process while at the same time ensuring that crash of a particular application domain doesn’t affect the functioning of another application domain.


Advantages of App domain – Google Search

The isolation provided by application domains has the following benefits:

1Faults in one application cannot affect other applications. …2 Individual applications can be stopped without stopping the entire process. … 3.Code running in one application cannot directly access code or resources from another application.


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